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Museum Research Project Client Available

The museum research project done with the University of North Texas and Autonomous University Of The State of Mexico in 2010 is now available for viewing. The project focused on bringing one of the existing Leopoldo Flores Museum located in Mexico into a virtual environment for research into various aspects of museum education. You can view the project web site for more details.

Information concerning the museum environment and the available version can be found here.

UNT/UAEM Joint Research Project on Museum

The CRG framework was choosen as the delivery system for a joint research project at the University of North Texas (UNT) and the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM). The study examined the effectiveness, usability, and knowledge acquisition between the real Leopoldo Flores Museum at the UAEM and a 3D online virtual museum replica. The results show a) students using the virtual environment first and then visiting the museum exhibited higher discourse with the guide and better knowledge acquisition about the museum, and b) that the virtual museum experience when used alone was a comparable experience to the actual museum guided tour in both knowledge gained and satisfaction. Read more...

Serious Games

Learn more about our efforts in serious games focused on Literacy, STEM, and virtual learning. Read more...

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