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Created Realities Group was founded in 2000 to develop new forms of distributed learning technology focused on 3D virtual environments and serious games. Since then, the group has focused on serious games for learning and is now venturing into computer games for entrainment.

Serious Games Mission

Our serious games mission is to develop serious games that promotes distributed learning through the combination of visualization systems, virtual communities, telementoring, and multi-user 3D online learning environments. These emerging technologies support learning by distributing interaction and feedback across time and space via interactive forms of multimedia. Teaching and learning relationships are no longer confined by space, but are defined by connectivity. Created Realities Group, since 2002, has provided 3D virtual environments that integrate voice, collaborative tools, and presence that promote both formal and informal learning.

Computer and Video Games

Our games mission is simple. Sometimes you just got to have fun. Creating computer and video games for all, by us for you.

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