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(July 2012)
Since we decided to work on our first entertainment title last fall, during the development of the new 3D virtual client, we started thinking about what game we wanted to do first. Something that could leverage our existing tech, skills, and the like. We dug into the back of the closet, uncovered forgotten treasurse in a binder of lost gaming, and found some game development we had done in the early 80's based on a miniature turn-based role playing game we created. After dusting it off. Adding to it what we have learned from another twenty years of gaming, we started play testing the system and are having a lot of fun. We think it should make for an interesting game. The task now is to get some development started and find some funding.

CRG Client Face lift

(March 2012)
We have completed the new client software that supports a lot of new graphic features. The new engine though, means we will have to revamp all the existing art and virtual environments to take advantage of all the new features. The decision to update the environments is going to push back the next round of testing on the Chalk House elementary version.

CRG Mobile Interface

(January 2012)
CRG has started working on porting our virtual environment interface to the Android and has started to look at iphone implementation. More postings as progress is made in the coming months.

(June 2012 - Update)
The mobile phone client works. We can tour around the museum we used as a test and interact with things; however, the higher resolution game engine and poly count environment we have been using on desktop computers just isn't scaling well to a lot of phones. Going to put this project on hold for a bit. We did learn a lot in getting the client on the mobile phone and I expect that we will be doing more with mobile phone apps shortly.

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