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Privacy Policy

Created Realities Group is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and participants. This page explains the use of information collected via our web site, customer services, and server operations. Please read this information carefully - we urge all consumers to take an active role in helping us protect their privacy by becoming aware of the policies they encounter. There are four principles guiding this privacy policy:

  • We collect personal information and usage statistics to maintain a high-quality customer experience and deliver superior customer service.
  • Some information we request directly from you during registration. Other pieces of data are gathered indirectly from web site traffic or server usage.
  • We do not disclose individual information you provide us to any third parties without your permission.
  • You will have the ability to update the personal data you provided to us during registration.

Information Collection

There are different levels of information we collect depending on your relationship to Created Realities Group.

    Anonymous Web site Visitor
    If visiting our web sites we automatically record information related to your IP address and gather information on what content you access or visit. This information is collected in the background while you move around our web site.

    Mailing List Member

    If you choose to provide us personal information in order to subscribe to our mailing list we collect information to aid delivery and preferences such as e-mail address and message performance statistics.

    Registered Web site Member

    If you choose to register on our web site we will track broad site usage information as well as gather usage of web site community features such as downloads and forums. This is in addition to the personal data collected during the registration process.

    Services Subscriber

    A subscriber to a Created Realities Group server(s) will have information collected and gathered on a variety of data to monitor usage and system performance. We track usage of customer-service resources to ensure high quality interactions. This is in addition to the personal data and billing information collected during the registration process.

Special Situations

Additionally there are a few special situations to note:

    Service Beta User
    If you volunteer to serve as a beta user for pre-commercial content we will track bug reports and potentially individual system performance in an effort to rigorously test pre-deployed technology.
    Former Customer
    As a former customer we will keep a copy of your registration file in our database in the event you wish to rejoin a service.
    Response to Job Postings or Unsolicited Communications
    Please note that information we receive about a job posting or via unsolicited communications does not fall under the privacy terms outlined in this policy. However, information from your resume will be used solely for evaluating your candidacy for employment.

Information in Profiles, Forums, or on Servers

You may choose to disclose personal information in our online forums or while using a Created Realities Group service. This information is public information, and you should not expect privacy or confidentiality. Please consult our Terms of Service for specific guidelines and policies for the service.

How We Protect Your Personal Data

We employ industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring, receiving, and storing consumer data. Access to your personal data is limited to those Created Realities Group employees who require the information to provide products or services to you or perform their jobs.

Special Protection for Those Age 13 or Younger

Created Realities Group seeks to give parents and guardians of children ages 13 or younger a set of additional tools to protect the personal data of their child. Registration for our mailing list, web site or services requires entry of Date of Birth. Registrants under the age of 13 will be asked to provide an email address for a parent or guardian. This email address will be used to contact parents or guardians to verify consent.

For joining any Created Realities Group email mailing list: At the time of registration we will send a message to the parent or guardian letting them know their child has registered for a Created Realities Group mailing list. This message will include information on how to unsubscribe their child from the mailing list.

For registering on a Created Realities Group managed web site: At the time of registration we will send a message to the parent or guardian letting them know their child has registered for a Created Realities Group web service. This message will need to be replied to by the parent or guardian in order to activate this child's account.

For registering for a Created Realities Group service: Access to the service requires a subscription account tied to a valid credit card. If a child age 13 or under requests a subscription using a valid credit card Created Realities Group will email the parent or guardian to notify them of this subscription request. This message will need to be replied to by the parent or guardian to activate this child's subscription.

Additionally, at any time a parent or guardian request access to the personal information of their child age 13 or under by contacting Created Realities Group at


Periodically Created Realities Group may need to update our privacy policy to reflect changes in the type of information we collect, the means we use to collect information, or the usage of collected information. When this occurs we make reasonable efforts to alert you to these changes.

Visiting the Created Realities Group web sites or using a Created Realities Group service signifies your assent to the Created Realities Group Privacy Policy.

How to Contact Us

Created Realities Group welcomes your questions and comments surrounding privacy. Please direct any communications to

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